Christmas with Santa is proof that the magic of Christmas is alive and well. It is evidenced in the adoring faces of our children. This is true whether the visit is in-person or virtual. Their joy is always contagious and makes all our lives better.

Santa Ean has been a Santa for over 10 years. A major focus of Santa Ean’s mission is non-profits that serve children. There is nothing quite like the joy that lights a child’s face when they encounter Santa. The primary purpose of this website is to further the mission of giving the joy of Christmas to every child regardless of their financial ability.

To ensure that every visit is special and magical, Santa Ean participates and trains every year to keep the experience timely and relevant –

  • Santa has trained with –
    • The oldest Professional Santa School – Charles W. Howard Santa School (established in 1937)
    • Hall of Fame Santa Trainer Stephen F. Gillham
    • Hollywood’s “go-to” Santa Claus – Santa Ed Taylor
  • Santa is a member of –
    • International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santa
    • Lone Star Santas
    • Brotherhood of the Red Suit
    • Worldwide Santa Network
    • Texas State Santas

Santa can either be with the children in person or virtually. Either will be a magical experience.

Santa Ean’s vision is that every child deserves a magical time and we will do everything in our power (including a little Santa magic) to deliver a special visit.